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Posted: 10/18/2017
In this article we provide a key overview on the Next Generation Combat Vehicles Program and what's next when it comes to advancing the mobility, lethality, and protection of our Army's current fleet. Full Article »
Posted: 08/03/2012
Military Vehicles Exhibition 2012: The Value of Booth Space

Live from the Military Vehicles Exhibition and Conference 2012, this video examines the value of sponsorship. Featuring testimonials from Pack IQ, Marine Corps System Command, Source International, High Impact Technology, Windings, and Insultech Full Video »
Contributor: Chris Archer
Posted: 07/02/2012
Bryan Prosser, Program Manager, PEO Land Systems explores the USMC’ fleet of replacement vehicles. Speaking with IDGA’s Defense Insider, Chris Archer, examines the current and future mission objectives of the MTVR and LVSR. Listen up as Mr Prosser also highlights lessons learned in theater and how modifications and RESET was applied to reduce lifecycle costs. Full Podcast »
Contributor: Michael Scheno
Posted: 10/11/2016
Mike Scheno
The Army’s request for research, development, and acquisition continues to support ground combat vehicle fleet modernization, while deferring new investment in future fighting vehicles. Here are the FY17 budget request and initiatives.  Full Sector Report »