The Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) is a non-partisan organization dedicated to bringing together and empowering leaders across the U.S. Defense spectrum with accurate, timely and resonant information. From in-depth government budget analysis to high level overviews of the cutting-edge innovations that will define the future of warfare, IDGA.ORG, in conjunction with our live-events, offers military, national security and veteran affairs leaders, along with industry experts and strategic partners, content that not only starts conversations but drives transformational change.

With than in mind, we’re always looking for fresh, innovative perspectives from industry experts and thought-leaders to share with our members. 


What are we looking for?

  • Data-driven whitepapers & reports on the latest industry trends, technologies and market developments
  • Interviews with military, Veterans Affairs and national defense leaders
  • Thoughtful, objective analysis on budgets, major programs and strategic priorities
  • Research-driven and factual reporting on current events, news & emerging innovations
  • Expert commentary on technology trends and emerging challenges
  • Infographics, podcasts, videos and presentations


Key Areas of Focus? We’re currently prioritizing content that relates to the following topics

  • 6th Generation Fighter Development
  • Advanced Materials & Additive Manufacturing for Defense
  • Counter - UAS (military and national security)
  • Border Management & Security Solutions
  • Cyber Warfare and Defense
  • Directed Energy
  • Future Combat Vehicle Development
  • Future Vertical Lift
  • Homeland Security
  • Hypersonic Weapons
  • Intelligence Analytics
  • Integrated Air + Missile Defense and Counter-Hypersonic Weapons
  • Military Flight Training
  • Network Modernization (NETMOD)
  • Space Warfare & Defense
  • Synthetic Training
  • VA Healthcare & Patient Experience


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For all other submissions, please contact:

Elizabeth Mixson, Interim IDGA Editor, at