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February 23, 2018 by
The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) called for the major transformation of military healthcare and has consolidated primary responsibilities from the military departments to the Defense Health Agency (DHA). DHA is now aiming to modernize the medical forces and facilities by utilizing technological advancements and lifesaving...
February 23, 2018 by
Top 5 Priorities
VA Secretary David J. Shulkin summarized  his plans to use the 2018 budget request towards improving veteran services. The 2018 budget request for discretionary funding totals $82.1 billion (including medical care collections), of which $66.4 billion was previously provided as the VA Medical Care 2018 Advance Appropriation. The budget request...
February 23, 2018 by
How the 2018 Federal Budget Impacts 7 Key Agencies
The President's proposed FY 2018 budget includes $54 billion in cuts to federal departments and a corresponding increase in defense and military spending. The budget is set in line with the goals of the M-17-22 Memo, requesting the decrease and elimination of fundingfor many programs across the Federal government. Starting in February 2018,...
February 23, 2018 by
Everything You Need to Know About the $5 Billion Increase in the U.S. Intelligence Budget for FY 2018
The United States intelligence budget comprises all the funding for the agencies of the United States Intelligence Community. This infographic details where the requested $5 billion increase in funding has been allocated. The Trump administration requested $57.7 billion for the National Intelligence Program (NIP), an increase from a re-quested $54...
February 15, 2018 by
A key challenge in implementing the NDAA reform is doing so without obstructing the military's ability to maintain a "ready medical force and medically ready force." To maintain the military's ability, the DHA is utilizing recent technological advancements lifesaving innovations in an effort to modernize medical forces and facilities. In...
December 12, 2017 by
Op energy
The Operational Energy Team has put together a two volume report on the Operational Energy Budget, as well as updated strategies, changes and challenges, a summary of the military's objectives and goals.
October 24, 2017 by
The dire need for improvement in the business processes within The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) has been a source of much discussion over the past few months. With the appointment of David Shulkin as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs in February has come renewed hope and need for greater accountability. In his May 31st State of VA report,...
October 18, 2017 by
In this article we provide a key overview on the Next Generation Combat Vehicles Program and what's next when it comes to advancing the mobility, lethality, and protection of our Army's current fleet.
October 18, 2017 by
An essential aspect of the Armed Forces, military flight training includes everything from basic airmanship, bespoke mission skill sets, specialism on operational aircraft and operational readiness. The Military Flight Training 2017 Team has gathered together critical requirements for the following Programs: U.S. Red Ai, TH-57, Live Virtual...
544 article results
of 55