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Maritime Security
Contributor: Kevin Kiefer
Posted: 03/04/2013
What is 'information fusion capability' within the maritime domain? Captain Kevin Kiefer, Sector Commander Baltimore, USCG defines what this means, and how it applies across USCG, CBP and DHS. Read on to explore the current focus areas, challenges, threats and technological requirements for coastal and harbor protection... Full Article »
Contributor: Marissa Alvord
Posted: 07/31/2012
What are the keys to capacity building with partner nations in the campaign for drug interdiction? How many metric tons of cocaine are interdicted at the southwest border and in transit zones each year? Commander Harry Schmidt, Chief, Drug and Migrant Division, US Coast Guard explains how a layered approach to drug interdiction at the source, transit and arrival zones with partner nations is a solid investment for the US tax payer. He also discusses the balloon effect and the importance of keeping one step ahead of smugglers, who are constantly looking for the paths of least resistance. Commander Schmidt will be speaking at the Counter Narco-Terrorism and Drug Interdiction Summit taking place September 24-26 in Miami, FL. Full Podcast »
Posted: 09/10/2012
A look at the US’s Busiest Ports, Airports and Highest Theft Areas
This infographic was developed for the Cargo Security Summit. It features some of the busiest ports and airports for cargo shipments in the US. It also highlights the top states that reported the most cargo theft incidents in 2011. Full Sector Report »