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Posted: 02/23/2018
Everything You Need to Know About the $5 Billion Increase in the U.S. Intelligence Budget for FY 2018
The United States intelligence budget comprises all the funding for the agencies of the United States Intelligence Community. This infographic details where the requested $5 billion increase in funding has been allocated. The Trump administration requested $57.7 billion for the National Intelligence Program (NIP), an increase from a re-quested $54. Full Article »
Posted: 05/28/2014

Terrorism and insurgency continue to challenge our national and global security, but at the same time, the organizations fighting these threats continue to face tighter budgets and reduced personnel. How can defense and security organizations continue to protect the nation from external and internal threats and do it with fewer resources?

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Contributor: Chris Archer
Posted: 04/16/2013
This podcast with David Matsumoto, Professor and Director of Emotion and Culture Research at San Francisco State University, examines inter-group aggression and violence as it pertains to studies of emotions and culture. What role do emotions plan in aggresive behavior and how is this information used for viable and actionable intelligence for the military? Full Podcast »
Posted: 03/21/2012
A Failed State of Security: A Rational Analysis of Deterrence Theory and The Effect on CyberCrime
"We’re not winning."

So says Shawn Henry, the FBI's executive assistant director in charge of cybersecurity, who told the Wall Street Journal that government and industry are failing in attempts to fight cybercrime and that current approaches are "unsustainable." Full Sector Report »