Ensuring A Medically Ready Military: FY2019 Defense Health Program Budget Highlights

Ahead of FY2019, the Department of Defense (DoD) is focusing on improving internal business processes and organizational restructuring within the military’s healthcare system. Their goal is to modernize the Military Health System (MHS) into an integrated unit by investing in new IT infrastructure, new, cutting edge digital solutions and internal
business process transformations. Below is a breakdown of where the funds will be allocated to achieve these objectives. In this budget overview, we highlighted the DOD’s
top strategic, procurement and tactical priorities for ensuring a medically ready and
prepared force as outlined by the FY2019 Defense Health Program Budget.
The Unified Medical Budget (UMB) comprises of the funding and personnel needed
to ensure military medical readiness. In 2019, the DOD will pursue efforts focused
on internal business process improvements and structural changes to find greater
efficiencies, such as:
The Defense Health Program (DHP)’s Operations and Maintenance Departments, as
they relate to just the military, reflect a net increase of $49.5 million from FY 2018 to
FY 2019 with a total of $990.7 million in price growth and a net program decrease of
$941.2 million. Below is an overview of DHP program increases for FY19: