U.S. Soldier Fatally Stabbed by Afghan Teenager

Mike O'Brien

An American soldier was fatally stabbed in the neck by an Afghan teenager as he played with some children, officials said on Monday.

Sgt. Michael Cable, 26, of Philpot, Kentucky, became the 14thAmerican killed in Afghanistan in March following the stabbing last Wednesday.

The calculated attack happened after soldiers had secured an area for a meeting of U.S. and Afghan officials in a province near the border with Pakistan.

The attacker, who officials believe is about 16, managed to escape.

Sgt. Cable’s death highlights the dangers still faced by the military even as their role shifts more toward training government troops instead of fighting.

A senior U.S. official said the attack was not classed as an "insider" job because the teenager was not in uniform. Insider attacks by insurgents disguised as Afghan forces has led to the sharp rise in recent deaths. Only one U.S. service member was killed in February.

According to the Associated Press, Sgt. Cable’s brother Raymond said the Army told the family the attack came from behind.

He said his brother, who did a tour of duty in Iraq as well, warned family members of the dangers he faced before leaving for Afghanistan and told them to "continue to enjoy life" if he was killed.

At the time of the killing, nearby guards reportedly were not aware of the incident because there was no gunfire, which gave the assailant time to flee across the border into Pakistan.

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