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Lt. Gen. Gus Pagonis Discusses Military Leadership, Civilian Leadership and Military Supply Chain Logistics Management

About this Podcast...

After his leadership and command of all Army supply in Desert Storm, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William "Gus" Pagonis is considered by many to be a logistical guru. Lt. Gen. Pagonis spearheaded the logistical push into Kuwait during Desert Storm/Shield, including the initial build up of forces. His small team of logisticians tackled a mountain of logistics in supporting almost 550,000 soldiers in every single aspect of warfare and day-to-day support.

The logistical framework of any organization can make or break the bank, and strong leadership and efficiency can overcome any major obstacle. The Army’s model for large-scale operational support has been adapted and implemented into different civilian markets. Included within this are supply and logistical solutions from both external and internal sources.

Corporate leaders also look to the military for leaders coming off of active duty. Lt. Gen. Pagonis and others like him at every level of command are proven leaders who can take their experiences from combat and military leadership and incorporate into their civilian job. Speaking to employers and recent veterans who are searching for jobs in the civilian market, Lt. Gen. Pagonis provides his insight into what makes a successful leader both in combat and behind a desk, as well as the relations between Civilian and Military leadership around the country.

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