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Pro vs. GI Joe with Greg Zinone

About this Podcast...

In this podcast, Greg Zinone discusses some of the challenges and experiences of forming Pro vs. GI Joe, an organization that provides relaxation opportunities for deployed military members by allowing them to "play" against professional athletes.

The United Service Organizations (USO) provides a service to members of the United States military that is unlike any other. The millions of dollars in donations received yearly is just a part of the USO’s overall mission of providing relief, comfort and welfare to those who serve. The USO also collaborates with outside groups and brings smaller programs to service members overseas.

Greg Zinone experienced the hardship of having a loved one serving oversees. His wife, Addie, an Army Reservist, was activated and deployed to Iraq, leaving Zinone alone. Thinking about how he and his wife could help other service members deployed, they created Pro vs. GI Joe. Their non profit organization allows troops serving in a combat zone the ability to play on the virtual playing field with their favorite professional athletes.

Utilizing satellite link up provided by the USO and donations made to their organization, soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are able to relax and enjoy some quality time on their Xboxes beating or losing to pros from the National Football League, Major League Baseball, Indy Car Association and more. Their efforts have also spread to include celebrities, musicians and others who want to do what they can to aid in the moral of those far from their families. The Zinones have enabled young and old service members some quality R&R time with some big league names.

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