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Command Sergeant Jeffrey Mellinger of Army Materiel Command on Mentorship

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Every individual who serves as a leader, whether it be within military or the civilian world, has at some point in his or her career served under a great leader. Whether it’s on the ground in an Infantry Rifle Platoon or in a fiscal affairs unit, great leaders are made under the guise and caring mentorship of others. The Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) corps within the U.S. military is arguably one of the finest in the world and provides strong mentorship programs. Given the strength of the NCO community and close relationship formed between key officers and seasoned NCOs, the future of the U.S. armed forces is in good hands.

Many leaders in the military have grown and matured over decades of leading during combat operations and peacetime. One of the key aspects of American military leadership is the mentorship that officers first receive under the hands of a seasoned NCO. A Lieutenant is introduced to his platoon sergeant or first sergeant, who will begin the real training and molding of what may one day be the next Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army or Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Command Sergeant Major Jeffrey Mellinger is a non-commissioned officer who stands leagues ahead of his fellow NCOs. Having been drafted during the Vietnam conflict, CSM Mellinger began a long and storied career that has taken him through multiple conflicts on many continents. He has learned many hard lessons in life and leadership, and he now serves as the Army Materiel Command. Listen as CSM Mellinger talks about his career and details the importance of mentorship in the military.

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