IDGA's Top 20 - What you read in 2011...

IDGA Editor

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A Defense industry eBook containing 20 of the most popular articles published on in 2011. Viewed by over 40,000 members, these articles cover a wide range of military and defense topics: healthcare, border security, electronic warfare, armor, vehicles, piracy and more...

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20. The Incredible HULC: Lightening a Heavy Burden - pg. 4
19. Military Vehicles Must Balance Weight, Protection Considerations - pg. 5
18. The Real Enemy in Afghanistan - Corruption - pg. 7
17. Introduction to Electronic Protection - pg. 10
16. Super-Computers in the Near Future: How will they enhance warfighter capabilities? - Pg. 14
15. Cyberspace: A New Domain of War - pg. 16
14. Arming the Vessel’s Crew vs. Armed Security Professionals - pg. 17
13. The Truth about Traumatic Brain Injury - pg. 21
12. Diesel Electric Submarines with AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system: a European Idea that Found Fertile Ground in China - pg. 25
11. Naval Research Laboratory Driving Advances in Military Body Armor - pg. 27
10. Active Electronic Protection & Target Tracking Radar - pg. 29
9.Geopolitical Context of Piracy - pg. 36
8.Amphibious Maneuvering - pg. 40
7.Wearable Antennas Step Forward - pg. 41
6. Rise of the 'Real' Skynet? - pg. 42
5. Insect-Inspired Miniaturized Antenna Arrays with Super-Resolving Capabilities - pg. 44
4. Understanding Modern Piracy: Terrorists and their Maritime Campaign - pg. 47
3.There’s No Recession in UAVs - pg. 50
2. Undersea Drones Begin to Make Waves - pg. 51
1. Top Five Military Duty Stations and Tours of Duty - pg. 52