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Wounded Warrior: Warrant Officer John Holsey on His Amazing Journey

About this Podcast...

The monumental improvements in immediate combat casualty care and OCONUS medical treatment have paved the way for saving lives of severely wounded service members. The overall care and rehabilitation of wounded veterans has increased the number of what would have been deadly attacks to life-altering events, such as the growth of limbs lost to IED attacks and small arms fire.

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen have been given opportunities and tools to lead a remarkably normal lifestyle after the loss of a major limb, which in the past would have been chair-bound injuries. The advances in prosthetic technologies have enabled wounded warriors to return to uniform, and, in some cases, back to the fight in operational roles.

Technology has also enabled the shift of past practices in medical rehabilitation of amputees and severely injured warriors. The Wounded Warrior initiative undertaken by the Department of Defense has made great strides toward long-term care and return of those wounded to an average lifestyle both in and out of uniform.

SSG John Holsey is a testament to the "I will never quit" mentality that is an integral part of the US Army’s Soldier Ethos. After suffering from a life-changing event when struck with an IED, rather than accept the loss of his leg and quit, SSG Holsey rose above all challenges and earned his commission as a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army. Listen in this podcast as WO John Holsey talks about his amazing journey to become the first amputee to graduate from an Officer Candidate program.

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