Journey to Your Cloud: Taking Your Organization From Reactive to Innovative

IDGA Editor

Businesses today depend upon IT to drive innovation and accelerate past competitors. While each organization may have their own unique definition of innovation, many of the elements remain common: getting closer to customers to help deliver business goals, delivering more compelling services than key competitors and making an increasingly mobile workforce more productive and effective.

Cloud empowers IT to redefine the way services are produced and delivered for the business. The goal isn't to merely become a more efficient, reliable and agile IT organization - although cloud certainly delivers that. Rather, the goal is to operate in a fundamentally different way - more flexible and responsive to business needs.

White Paper Highlights

  • Why make the journey to the cloud?
  • Essential cloud capabilities to advance a cloud operation model
  • Managing the growing demands of the business
  • Moving beyond a reactive state of IT
  • Advancing to an innovative cloud organization