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Big Data: Better Intel. How IBM Analysis Solutions empower the Analysts to Deliver a Strategic Advantage

Posted: 05/28/2014

Every day, around the world, a massive amount of data—2.5 quintillion bytes—is created. Buried inside this avalanche data is vital intelligence that can be used to protect countries, organizations and civilians from crime, terrorism and fraud. But that wealth of information is useless if the right people can’t get the answers they need—or facts they can trust. Join Charlie Brown, Distinguished Engineer, IBM i2 Industry Solutions and Bob Gourley, the publisher of and founder and CTO of Crucial Point LLC to learn about the innovative solutions that make it possible for analysts gain clarity and extract value from big data.

You will learn:

  • Why big data and unstructured data is critical, and how leading organizations are gaining new insights from it
  • How to turn big data into an asset and harness it for critical evidence
  • How to equip analysts with the tools the tools they need to create actionable intelligence and make better-informed decisions
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