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On Point with LTC Ascura of PEO Soldier on the Surge of CROWS

About this Podcast...

With the exponential growth of IEDs in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom the need to protect soldiers from the deadly blasts takes center stage in mission analysis. Vehicle protection has become an enormous factor in the overall protection of soldiers; however, vulnerability to the gunner has always been present.

The CROWS, or Common Remotely Operated Weapons System, is a solution to the enormous threat of a gunner sitting above the vehicles protective shell. The basis behind the CROWS is straight out of a sci-fi story, one where the gunner sits behind a computer screen and with a joystick engages the enemy safe and sound. The CROWS can also support a modified platform and can fit the MK19 grenade launcher, M2 machine gun (.50 cal), M240B (7.62), and the M249 SAW (5.56). The system also allows a gunner to engage and properly identify targets at greater ranges and during darkness.

The CROWS system is unique in design. Without the need for a crew member to man the gun or weapons system, the ability to fire more rounds from the safety of the vehicle is key to crew protection overall. The fielding of over 1000 CROWS to both combat theatres has saved countless lives of service members from each branch and the future growth of the systems will continue to do so. With the introduction of the new MATV and the off road capabilities it brings to the fight coupled with the remote capabilities of the CROWS, shifts in the way a unit fights are in the near future. Listen in this podcast as LTC Ascura talks about how the CROWS is helping those in the fight.

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