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Colonel Doug Tamilio PM for Soldier Weapons on the M-4 Carbine

About this Podcast...

The U.S. Army has always relied on its professional soldier base to maintain the high standards and conduct that have been seen in every conflict. This professionalism is carried over to all tenets of being a soldier: maintaining equipment, physical fitness and military development. Maintaining equipment consistently has ever-changing technologies associated with it.

The M-16 series rifle has been in the U.S. Army arsenal for decades and has proven its reliability and accuracy on battlefields across the world. And the adoption of the M-4 Carbine into the hands of soldiers was a natural shift. The weapon, when maintained properly, put rounds on target at times when it was needed. The M-4 was fielded widely across the Army during Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom as the primary weapon assigned to Soldiers conducting direct combat operations and some conducting combat service support.

Weapons technology has also been a constantly improved line item within the Army and at Program Executive Office Soldier, which oversees all soldier weapons programs from the personal rifle, to crew served weapons including the new 40 MM grenade launcher, newer and lighter 240B and the M-4 Carbine.

Colonel Doug Tamilio is charged with Project Manager Soldier Weapons. Given his almost 30 years of Service as an Infantry Officer and Acquisitions, Col Tamilio is leading the fight to get the best weapons in the hands of the Soldiers on the ground. In this podcast you’ll learn about the M-4 Carbine and what the future of the Army service rifle looks like, including plans for future open requirements for individual carbines (M-4 replacement), long range sniper replacement, 9MM replacement and more.

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