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Brigadier General Fuller of PEO Soldier talks about Army Body Armor

About this Podcast...

The emerging insurgency in Afghanistan and Iraq has taught the Army and the Marine Corps many hard lessons, and in response programs such as Program Executive Officer Soldier have been developed within the military ranks to improve soldier safety. General Peter Fuller, who serves as the PEO Soldier, is charged with the difficult task of keeping soldiers in the U.S. Army equipped with the best and leading forms of military equipment, tactical gear and military body armour.

The troop surge to Afghanistan has prompted the Army and other branches of the U.S. military to step up their procurement of combat systems in order to meet the needs of soldiers in combat. The Army is leading the way in the fight to increase soldier safety by getting soldiers on the ground the absolute best and most modern military weapons, body armour such as a modular vest, tactical gear and other combat systems. With a budget of nearly $3.2 billion, PEO Soldier fields to the Army everything from body armour to military uniforms and combat vests for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

General Fuller and his staff of Army and civilian personnel put their expertise and decades of combined combat experience to work in improving soldier safety and to make them the most lethal combat force in the world. Listen as General Fuller discusses the future of Army body armour, weapons, Army uniforms and other PEO Soldier programs.

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