The Future of Directed Energy: Insight from the U.S. Army & Air Force

IDGA Editor

Ahead of the Summit, we sat down with Colonel Richard Haggerty and Dr. Boris Zhdanov to discuss:

  • How the FY 2018 budget appropriations affected directed energy (DE) programs
  • Where DE acquisition and force integration is heading in FY 2019
  • Priorities for research and development  

Colonel Haggerty is currently the ninth Project Manager for Instrumentation, Targets, Threat Simulators and SOF Training Systems (PM ITTS) at PEO STRI, U.S. Army. And Dr. Zhdanov currently is a Senior Scientist at the Laser and Optics Research Center (LORC) at the US Air Force Academy (USAFA).

Both Colonel Haggerty and Dr. Zhdanov will be speaking at the Directed Energy Systems Summit.