Exclusive Interview with Major General (Ret) Charlton: Ground Combat Capability Gaps 2019 & Beyond

We spoke with Major General (R) Charlton, Former Commanding General of the US Army Test & Evaluation Command, to hear his thoughts on the latest developments taking place in the combat vehicles space. In this exclusive interview, MG (R) Charlton discusses:

  • The combat and acquisition priorities that will take precedence in 2019
  • Ground Combat capability gaps in 2019 & beyond
  • How our current portfolio of combat vehicles compares to those of adversaries  
  • Lessons the military can learn from the application of artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles
  • Why you cannot afford to miss the upcoming Future Ground Combat Vehicles Summit
  • And more!

Join MG (R) Charlton, as well as other prominent U.S. Army officials, at the NGCV Summit this December 5-7 in Detroit.