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Force Protection
Contributor: IDGA Staff
Posted: 04/23/2015
IDGA Staff

Take a look at the cyber experts who have already signed up to attend the upcoming Cyber Security for Defense event to discuss the ever-growing need to combat the intense rise of cyber attacks on the government and military. Will you be there this June 24-26 in Augusta, Georgia to meet and network with them? Full Article »
Posted: 07/22/2011
Increasing Survivability Team Wendy Mine Blast Simulation

The following tests simulate the energy pulse experienced by seated occupants when an IED is denoted beneath the vehicle. This test is a simulated version of the NATO test standard RTO-TR-HFM-090, and was performed at MGA Research Corporation.

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Posted: 10/26/2012
Listen up to attendee testimonials from the Fort Bragg Soldier Equipment Technology Expo. For information on the 2013 program, call IDGA on 1800.882.8684 or email Full Podcast »
Posted: 12/07/2012
More Fight, Less Fuel [Infographic]
In order to sustain a 21st century military force, especially in an era of fiscal distress, the United States must use it’s resources wisely, especially our energy resources. As an institution, the Department of Defense (DoD) is one of the single largest consumers of fuel in the world. This reliance on fuel can be measured in costs and lives. This infographic examines the current position, forward strategy, and ongoing initiatives that aim to reduce the DoD’s energy dependence. You will learn what’s being said about the U.S. military’s energy future, see graphs and charts that demonstrate the true costs of war, and discover renewable energy goals and initiatives. Full Sector Report »