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Energy & Power Savings
Contributor: IDGA Editorial Staff
Posted: 06/18/2013
IDGA Editorial Staff
Oil and Gas companies are competing in a race to the ocean floor in a quest to win against the odds. Cornelia Noel, Head of Discipline - Subsea Hardware, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Co. (SNEPCO) explains that ‘success is all about the tight coupling of People, Process, and Technology’. The following exclusive interview examines the current trends, challenges and lessons learned in deepwater exploration and production. Read on… Full Article »
Posted: 12/09/2010
Podcast: Energy Efficiency Part 2

Learn how your organization can cut data center energy consumption by 40 to 50%. Join Steve Sams, IBM vice president and resident expert on energy efficiency and green technologies as he discusses the building blocks to addressing energy efficiency challenges in data centers. From consumption diagnostics, to design and build, to serv Full Video »
Contributor: Marissa Alvord
Posted: 08/15/2012
NAS JAX is one of the Navy’s fastest growing installations. In the context of rapid expansion, how is their Command increasing energy conservation efforts? IDGA’s @Defense Insider recently spoke with Captain Roy Undersander, Executive Officer, Naval Air Station Jacksonville about the challenges of maintaining buildings and facilities in the face of declining budgets by focusing on stewardship to the environment and reducing NAS JAX’s energy footprint. Captain Undersander also outlines the top attributes industry must be sensitive to during new developments, including the issue of cyber vulnerability. Captain Undersander will be speaking at IDGA's Military Aviation Summit taking place in Jacksonville, FL, November 12-14, 2012. Full Podcast »
Contributor: Matthew Paisley
Posted: 11/29/2016
In this Past Presentation Packet, Rob Manning from EPRI, Chris Beck from EIS Council, and Mark Weatherford from The Chertoff Group discuss some of the key topics from last year's Power Grid Resilience Summit, including strategies to mitigate risk with research and development, the best practices for grid resilience against Black Sky Hazards, and cr Full Sector Report »