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CSM McPherson of PEO Soldier talks about the Multicam/UCP Delta Testing and Fielding

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The United States Army has been under increasing scrutiny in the past few weeks surrounding soldier survivability and blending with the combat environment in the ACUs or Army Combat Uniforms. The ACUs were fielded to the Army in an unprecedented time following the push into Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The ACU pattern quickly was adapted to all gear fielded to units at all levels within the Army. From uniforms, body armor, helmet covers and all related gear, the pattern took flight and became the standard for the U.S. Army.

Given the shift from the two uniform past of the BDUs and DCUs, the Army had for once a common combat uniform for all environments. This shift from past practices serves as the precursor to Congressional scrutiny and some public questioning within the military media. The differing environments of Iraq and Afghanistan have proven challenging on many levels including adapting and blending with the local environment.

CSM Bernard McPherson serves as the Command Sergeant Major of PEO Soldier. Charged with the fielding of the Army’s best available gear, PEO Soldier is on point with the research, development and fielding of any and all uniforms for the Army. In this podcast CSM McPherson discusses what the Army is planning on for future uniforms for the Army.

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