Accelerating the Deployment of the Evolved Cyber Range

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Organizations worldwide face a dangerous shortage of cyber warriors with the skills required to defend against
cyber terrorism. This urgent situation is made worse by the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that continue to
pervade critical IT infrastructures—despite billions of dollars invested in cybersecurity measures.

Answering these problems requires Internet-scale simulation environments, along with a comprehensive training
curriculum and proven methodologies, to develop elite cyber warriors and simulate attacks on IT infrastructures.
Military commanders, defense contractors, and even commercial analysts such as Gartner refer to these
environments as "cyber ranges."

Although cyber ranges are a necessity for training cyber warriors, in recent years the old approach to building
them has been exposed as a costly and futile exercise. Flagship cyber range projects relying on that outmoded
approach have wasted years and hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars merely to study the problem.

Yet BreakingPoint has harnessed patented network processor technology to deliver a better approach — one that
creates an Internet-scale cyber range environment from a single 7-inch-high device. This breakthrough invention
removes the obstacles that once prevented the widespread deployment of cyber ranges for arming and training
cyber warriors. This paper illustrates how government, intelligence, and military organizations throughout the
world can leverage that innovation to rapidly deploy a battle-proven, operationally relevant closed environment
that reflects the entire Internet for a small fraction of the cost of traditional models.

Leveraging its cyber range experience, BreakingPoint has formulated a four-point strategy for preparing
organizations to defend national interests by assessing, educating, and certifying elite cyber warriors and
equipping those forces to harden the resiliency of critical network and data center infrastructures. The capabilities
and strategy described are not a research project or an exorbitant consulting arrangement; they are available and
ready for cost-effective deployment today.