Submarines take center stage at the Submarine Capabilities and Requirements Summit

IDGA Editor

Growth of government spending and worldwide submarine build-up creates demand for this event

New York, NY—November 9, 2010—The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) announces the inaugural Submarine Capabilities and Requirements Summit scheduled for February 14-16, 2011 in the Washington DC area.

Submarine experts from around the world will join to discuss and evaluate the latest trends, capabilities, and requirements of Naval Submarines. Navy Submarines have become critical to the US Military in defense and protection. The US government has increased spending and built-up around the world has started to attract international attention.

"IDGA prides itself on working with top Navy personnel," said Program Director Michelle Cardinal, "and they were clamoring for an event that focused specifically on Submarines. With the increased government spending and the build-up in Asia and beyond, submarines have experienced a true revival in the past 12 – 16 months. With our Naval ties, IDGA has the ability to bring together key players in this space and create an environment where critical information is shared and key decisions can be made. It’s pretty exciting."

The Submarine Capabilities and Requirements Summit will cover the following topics:

  • Current Initiatives and Budgetary Challenges on the Naval Submarine Fleet
  • Emerging Technologies in Support of Undersea Weapon Systems
  • Submarine Design and Construction: Preserving Innovation and Low rate Production
  • Exclusive IDGA Think Tank discussing the top 5 technology trends to impact submarine warfare

The speaker roster includes:

  • RADM(Sel) Joseph Mulloy, USN, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Navy for Budget, Director Fiscal Management Division, OPNAV
  • CAPT Michael Jabaley, USN, Program Manager, VIRGINIA Class Submarines (PMS 450)
  • CAPT Tom Kearney, USN, Program Manager, Undersea Weapons, PEO Submarines PMS 404
  • Timothy Bassett, Executive Director, Submarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning and Procurement (SUBMEPP) Activity
  • Charles Southall, Director, Submarine Engineering & Design programs at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding

For more information on speaking, exhibiting or attending IDGA’s Submarine Capabilities and Requirements Summit, please visit or contact Erin Gilbert at

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