General Stanley McChrystal records an exclusive podcast with IDGA for 2011: Network Enabled Operations (NCW)

IDGA Editor

McChrystal uses podcast to talk about the lessons learned from the Rolling Stone magazine controversy and to deny an interest in seeking office.

NEW YORK, NY– November 4, 2010 – General Stanley McChrystal says he has "no personal, political aspirations. None whatsoever." The retired general’s comments came during an exclusive podcast with theInstitute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA).

IDGA recorded the interview as part of theNCW 2011:Network Enabled Operations, January 24 – 27, 2011 at the Chrystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA.

The General McChrystal interview, recorded November 3, 2010, used questions suggested by the public in weeks leading up to the interview. They varied from General McChrystal’s feelings toward net-centric warfare, what he learned from his Rolling Stone interview and subsequent retirement, to his political aspirations and relationship with President Karzai.

As a NCW 2011 keynote speaker, General McChrystal will delve into the timely and critical subject of supporting Warfighters with network enabled solutions in Afghanistan. Registration is now open for NCW 2011.

For 10 consecutive years, IDGA’s NCW Outstanding Keynote Series™ has featured leaders, thought-provoking government figures, and visionaries. A few of the most memorable speakers include Arthur K. Cebrowski, Tommy Franks, John Ashcroft, George Tenet, Peter Pace, General James Mattis and Donald Rumsfeld. NCW is thrilled and honored to add McChrystal to this prestigious list.

A four-star general, General McChrystal is the former commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistanand the former leader of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which oversees the military’s most sensitive forces. His speech at NCW 2011 will focus on his uniquely inclusive leadership model and building teams capable of relentless pursuit of results.

The exclusive General McChrystal IDGA podcast is now available for listening.

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