Army Turns to Private Companies with Secret Facilities for Cyber Warfare Research

Mike O'Brien

The U.S. Army is reaching out to private sector companies with top-secret facilities to help develop its cyber warfare capabilities.

A request for information (W15P7T-13-R-C004) was issued this week for companies able to perform cyber activities at the highest level of secrecy.

The RFI was issued by the Army Contracting Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, on behalf of the Army Project Manager for Electronic Warfare (PM EW).

PM EW operates at the top secret/sensitive compartmented information (TS/SCI) classification level. It is looking for companies able to develop future offensive and defensive technologies.


The RFI is essentially a way of determining the ability of industry to perform certain cyber tasks at the classification level required.

Companies will need to have TS/SCI-level facilities, accredited by the Defense Intelligence Agency, with the appropriate skilled, TS/SCI cleared personnel.

The Army says contractors who respond do not need to have TS/SCI facilities or personnel now, but must have proper clearances before the release of any solicitation related to the RFI, the Aerospace & Defense Media Group reports.

The request stipulates that interested companies will need to provide a capability statement that includes "approaches to meet future strategic and protected cyber needs related to capabilities that deliver and defend against effects with robust and mature capabilities that exploit, deny or manipulate."

Responses must have one printed copy and two CD ROMs with all material to be submitted. Mail responses to: Attention Contracting Office, Sarah Collier and Jacquelyn Dunne, Room C1-323, 6001 Combat Drive, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005. Deliveries must be made on week days, and hand delivery is permitted.

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