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The Workhorse Surviving the War: USMC Vehicles Adapting to Changing Requirements

Posted: 08/01/2012

PEO Land Systems are upgrading their fleet of medium and heavy vehicles as priorities change within the DoD and the draw down continues in theatre. Bryan Prosser, Program Manager explores the future plans for the US Marine Corps fleet of MTVR (the OEF ‘Workhorse’) and the LVSR and highlights the various challenges which exist to upgrading and resetting the fleet. ‘Survivability’ is touted as the main component which was addressed in theater as neither vehicle was originally equipped ‘with survivability in mind in terms of armor and protection for the crews’. Watch this exclusive video filmed at the Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference to learn how PEO Systems adapted to these changing requirements, what considerations were made to ensure the fleet reduced lifecycle costs, and what the future reset and reconstitution strategy will be for the fleet.

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