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Unconventional Warfare
Contributor: IDGA Editorial Staff
Posted: 01/12/2016
IDGA Editorial Staff
The development of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) and tanks is on an "irreversible" track and will soon replace armoured vehicles driven by humans, according to a senior People's Liberation Army speaking to Chinese media."Unmanned ground vehicles will play a very important role in future ground combat. Realizing that, we have begun to explore how Full Article »
Posted: 02/13/2013
Industry Testifies: What's the value in our Special Operations Summit?

Watch our highlight reel from the Special Operations Summit. Talking with industry sponsors who give their feedback on the value of the event.

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Contributor: Chris Archer
Posted: 04/16/2013
This podcast with David Matsumoto, Professor and Director of Emotion and Culture Research at San Francisco State University, examines inter-group aggression and violence as it pertains to studies of emotions and culture. What role do emotions plan in aggresive behavior and how is this information used for viable and actionable intelligence for the military? Full Podcast »
Posted: 07/27/2012
Adams Inudstries Air Ground Warrior Battery Pack for Aviation: Night Vision Goggles Deployed in Ground Opperations
Operators from the U. S. Army Special Forces and others have been conducting multiple recon and surveillance operations as well as direct action missions and engaging targets utilizing Army aviation night vision systems such as the AN/AVS-6 (or AN/PVS-23s) and ancillary hardware, helmet mounts and battery packs. These ANVIS systems represent the best of the best in terms of optical performance of any night vision system available however they are designed for air operations and may sacrifice ruggedness and durability in conducting ground operations. Full Sector Report »