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Army Transformation: Deploying Lean Six Sigma

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Thursday, February 17, 2011
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST
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Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has become an increasingly vital part of the Department of Defense’s continuous process improvement efforts. The benefits of LSS, the tool that was successfully pioneered and adopted by the commercial world to achieve continuous process improvements, are now being fully realized by the federal government and the DoD in particular. The objective of LSS is to utilize a data-driven approach and methodology to eliminate defects and reduce variation from product to service. For the DoD, the goal of deploying LSS is to recapture control and reduce costs across a widely-spread budget.

The US Army is employing LSS as one of its main methodologies to meet the efficiency savings goals established by the Secretary of Defense. These savings will be realized by using LSS to transform organizations, management practices and systems that have created inefficiencies and waste. Efficiency and cost-cutting are essential parts of the Army improvement processes. In fiscal year 2010, the US Army produced $1 billion in cost savings and $3.3 billion in cost avoidances as a result of LSS.

Lean Six Sigma is the most ambitious business effort in the history of the US Army. In fiscal year 2011, the Army is proposing to train over 3,100 people and anticipates completing over 3,000 Lean Six Sigma projects. In this webinar, Mr. Kirk Nicholas will discuss how the Army is improving costs, efficiency and satisfaction through a sweeping rollout of Lean Six Sigma.

In this webinar participants will learn:

  • Where and how Lean Six Sigma fits into the bigger Army Transformation picture
  • How and where to deploy Lean Six Sigma
  • What works and does not work by listening to successful Army Lean Six Sigma case studies
  • What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?


Kirk Nicholas
Director of CPI/LSS Programs
US Army - Office of Business Transformation

Mr. Kirk Nicholas has served as the Director of CPI/LSS Programs for U.S. Army’s Office of Business Transformation since 2009. In this capacity he facilitates the development of the Army Management Enterprise through strategic alignment, performance improvement, and innovation.

Mr. Nicholas has extensive experience in CPI, having worked directed and lead CPI programs for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps.