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Task Force Mountain's Major TG Taylor from Afghanistan

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There has always been a tight-knit relationship between the military and media in the conduct of major combat operations.

The 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is currently forward deployed to Afghanistan as Task Force Mountain Warrior.

The U.S. Army Infantry has been operating in remote areas within Afghanistan, taking the fight to the Taliban and integrating themselves in the local population. A key to the strategy behind General McChrystal’s strategy is to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan population and safeguard the villagers where the insurgent/Taliban forces operate.

Another added dynamic to this challenge is conducting combat operations, sometimes doing so with embedded media. The critical challenges within that are the open sharing of the truth and the perspective of the guys on the ground, instead of the broadcasters in New York City and D.C. on the nightly news portraying something different altogether.

Given the escalation of combat operations, the growth of embedded media and embedded reporters in Afghanistan correlates directly with the need for news back home.

As an Infantry Officer and now a public affairs guru, Major TG Taylor knows all too well how operations are conducted. Given his background and experience, who better to team up with major and small media to give them the real perspective of guys and gals on the ground? Listen in this podcast as Major Taylor talks from Afghanistan on how Army combat operations with the media are shaping up.

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