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CSM Charles Sasser speaks about his upcoming deployment with the 4th BCT, 4th ID

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The United States, specifically President Barack Obama, has announced a major increase in the amount of troops slated to deploy to Afghanistan. The increase in military deployment or troop surge to Afghanistan comes at a time when the fight in the mountains of the Hindu Kush and other Afghan regions has seen an increase in violence and insurgent fighting. The troop surge, which was a strategy that worked in Iraq, is seen as the solution that will bring a shift in the fight against the Taliban. Included in the troop surge is the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry and 4th Brigade Combat Team out of Fort Carson, Colorado. The Infantry Battalion will be on the frontlines in the fight against a deliberate and dedicated enemy that has fought on the extremely difficult terrain for decades. The men of the 2nd BN will see first hand the difficulties in fighting an insurgency of which the United States has been actively involved in since 2001.

Command Sergeant Major Charles Sasser’s current assignment as the Command Sergeant Major of the 2nd Battalion makes him the senior-most enlisted man in the entire Battalion and the right hand of the Battalion commander. He oversees all soldier issues and is the direct link between the officer corps and the enlisted. CSM Sasser speaks about his upcoming deployment with the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th ID. Joining him on this podcast are a company commander, platoon leader and platoon sergeant from his Battalion.

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