IDGA’s Counter-Narcoterrorism and Drug Interdiction Summit

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Nicole Borden


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New York, NY – July 5, 2012 – As drug trafficking remains the single most important activity for organized criminal groups in America; it comes as no surprise that government emphasis on drug interdiction efforts has been on the rise. Maintaining and improving the ability to detect and ultimately interdict drug trafficking is in the best interest of the American government to end the steady stream of revenue for terrorist organizations in order to protect assets and civilians at home and overseas.

In anticipation of keeping up with these matters within the interdiction community, IDGA’s Counter-Narcoterrorism and Drug Interdiction Summitwill bring together all relevant stakeholders and professionals from the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, Port Security and industry partners to exchange and share best practices and explore potential paths to fortifying United States’ security.

IDGA is also pleased to present our keynote presenters: Mark R. Trouville, Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Authority – Miami; Ted Venable, Counter Illicit Trafficking Program Manager, US SOUTHCOM; Commander Harry Schmidt, Chief, Drug and Migrant Division, US Coast Guard; Jonathan Bachman, Senior Analyst, Homeland Security, US Government Accountability Office.

To learn more about IDGA’s Counter-Narcoterrorism and Drug Interdiction Summit, which takes place on September 24-26 in Miami, Floridaplease visit our website online at: www.CounterTerrorismEvent.comor contact Nicole Borden at

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