Obama’s Approval Rating Tumbles, But he Dodges the Blame for Sequester

Mike O'Brien

President Obama appears to have lost some of the glowing admiration he enjoyed in the aftermath of his reelection and inauguration.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows a degree of dissatisfaction over his handling of the economy, with his approval dropping five points to 50 percent from January, just before he took the oath of office.

Among independents, 54 percent approved and 41 percent disapproved in January. Now that’s down to 44 approve and 50 disapprove.

Even some liberals have lost confidence with Mr. Obama, with a 14 point drop since a Post-ABC poll in December.

On the subject of who would you trust to sort out the economy, Mr. Obama enjoyed an 18-percentage point lead over congressional Republicans just after he won a second term in December. Now that gap has narrowed to 44 percent for the President and 40 for GOPers.

A total of 1,001 adults were polled from March 7 to 10. Asked who was to blame for the sequester, 47 percent say Republicans in Congress and 33 percent say Mr. Obama.

The poll results illustrate the public’s frustration with the political deadlock in Washington. Those polled made it clear they want cooperation between the parties, with 68 percent saying they want Democrats and Republicans to work together to rustle up a deal to stop the budget cuts.

The Washington Post reports that, of the seven second-term presidents who have held office since Harry S. Truman, George W. Bush is the only other Commander-in-Chief who had an approval rating as low as 50 percent at this point.

Congress takes even more of a beating than the President in the poll, with only 16 percent approving of it is handling matters and 80 percent disapproving. Among the parties, congressional Democrats recorded 34 percent favorable to 62 percent unfavorable, with Republicans even worse at 24 positive and 72 negative.

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