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Maritime Domain Awareness

The U.S Canadian Border spans some 4000 miles. Rick Yatto, Director of the Land Air Maritime Domain Awareness Division within the CBp's office of Technology, Innovation & Acquisition, examines the unique challenges of managing such a vast...

Contributor: Rick Yatto

Stephen Caldwell, Director for Maritime Security Issues at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has almost 30 years of experience evaluating national security programs for Congress. As director for Maritime Security and Coast Guard...

Contributor: Stephen Caldwell

What effective approaches are being made to improve Maritime Domain Awareness? What are the latest technologies being used to secure the border in US ports and harbors? Dr Julie Pullen, DHS National Center of Excellence in Maritime Security,...

Contributor: Marissa Alvord
Nick Younker

Dr. Michael Bruno, Dean of the School of Engineering and Science and Professor of Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, discusses activities at the Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce and Coastal Environments (CSR...

Contributor: Nick Younker
Dr. Kevin Buck on Maritime C4I Programs

Dr. Kevin Buck, Principal Program Manager for the EUCOM International C4I Integration Program Office, discusses AFRICOM and EUCOM maritime C4I strategies at IDGA's Martime Homeland Security Conference in April 2010. He elaborates on delivering...

Developing the Canadian Maritime Picture with Pierre Poirier

Pierre Poirier, a marine information consultant with Xpert Solutions Technology, discusses issues with maritime domain awareness and activities in Canada. He discusses in detail the INNAV system that is being used by the Canadian Coast Guard...

Nick Younker
ADM Harry Ulrich, USN (ret), former Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe discusses the importance of Maritime Domain Awareness and maintaining control of the world's seas. He elaborates on the issues posed by Piracy in the Horn of Africa and...
Contributor: Nick Younker