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Mike O'Brien

Officials from the VA and Defense Department have been grilled by lawmakers on the House Veterans Affairs Committee in a closed-door meeting about the progress of their electronic health records (EHR) program.

Lawmakers wanted answers...

Contributor: Mike O'Brien

LCol (RCAF) Vaughn Cosman is Chair, Air & Space Interoperability Council. Most of LCol Cosman’s career since 1983 has been as an air navigator on CP140s, with two tours on operational Sqns, and three tours in test and evaluation Sqns. He...

Contributor: Christopher Dauer

As UAVs continue to evolve in sophistication and complexity, it’s an increasingly daunting task to have the myriad systems involved work together in a seamless and effective way.

To address that challenge, with the ultimate goal of...

Contributor: Christopher Dauer