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Wildfire Management 2020 Online Event Guide

Making its debut, the Wildfire Management Online Summit is hosted this June 3-4, 2020. With wildfire control becoming more and more critical in recent years, the need for new technology and emergency operations has been high and rising. We are bringing together domestic and global industry ...

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Forest Technology Systems (FTS) to present at Wildfire Management Summit on June 3

[Press Release]FTS, a leading-edge manufacturer of remote environmental monitoring solutions, announced today that they will be presenting at the Wildfire Management Online Event taking place June 3-4, 2020 on “Enhanced Wildfire Situational Awareness: Use of Field Data to Make Critical Decisions at Critical Times.” Lead by FTS’ Shawn Bethel, Director...

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Take a look at the professionals you can expect at the Wildfire Management Summit this June 3-4, 2020 which will be hosted online. 

Reports & Whitepapers

Federal Government's Wildfire Budget for FY20

With an average of more than 68,000 incidents over the past decade in the USA, wildfires have ravaged communities both domestically and globally, highlighting a need for next-generation technological intervention and development. The increased cost of fighting fires has prompted leading wildfire and defense stakeholders to identify emerging solutions that...

2020 Top Priorities for Wildfire Management

As the quantity and severity of wildfires continue to drastically escalate domestically and abroad, geospatial and communication technologies are imperative to firefighting techniques in order to curb damage and loss of life. Implementation of new technologies come with substantial growing pains, especially when differing technologies are being integrated across multiple...

Open Source: A Common Standard for Cloud and IoT

In this Q&A, Red Hat’s Dwight Chamberlain, senior director and head of sales for state and local government and education, discusses the crucial role that open source technology plays in edge computing, IoT and cloud innovation.

Open Source: The Key to Securely and Efficiently Solving Real World Problems

In this Q&A, Paul Smith, senior vice president and general manager of public sector at Red Hat, describes how enterprise open source technology can help communities thrive.

Technology-Based Approaches to Preventing & Mitigating Wildfires

A conversation with Alan DeCiantis, Director of Product, FTS Inc. on Achieving, Optimizing and Leveraging Wildfire Situational Awareness FTS has been serving the global wildfire community for 40 years, with reliable and innovative environmental monitoring solutions for extreme environments. What began with wildfire preparedness, providing remote automated weather stations (RAWS)...