October 28 - 30, 2019
Washington, D.C.

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VA Patient Experience Official Agenda

As healthcare transforms across the VA, delivering excellent patient experience has become a top priority across the department. From establishing new veteran policies focusing on overall experience and implementing new-age technology, The Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking practical but i ...

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VA Patient Experience Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

Anticipated Attendee Snapshot for those you can expect to see at the VA Patient Experience Summit.

VA 2020 Budget Request: Fast Facts & Figures

The VA overall budget demonstrates the VA's ongoing commitment to provide Veterans more quality, timely, and efficient services by requesting budget increases, along with private industry services, solutions and case studies to further strengthen the VA across the board.

Exclusive Content: Healthcare's Lesson in Lean

PEX Advisory Board's newest members Mohamed Saleh and Connie Flores join Seth Adler to discuss Hartford Healthcare's values in leadership communication and change management. Mohamed says: "We've recognized that to improve patient experience, it requires to improve employee experience as well. And that requires the organization to feel respected and trusted."