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Patient Experience for Veterans 2020 Online Event Agenda

As healthcare transforms across the VA, delivering excellent patient experience has become a top priority across the department. From establishing new veteran policies focusing on overall experience and implementing new-age technology, The Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking practical but i ...

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6 Emerging Technologies Transforming the Patient Experience for Veterans

New technologies being implemented by the Department of Veteran Affairs are revolutionizing healthcare for veterans throughout the United States. For example, the VA’s telehealth service uses health informatics, disease management and technology, such as the VA’s Video on Demand, to deliver convenient to deliver convenient accessible health care to veterans.This...

Exclusive Content: Healthcare's Lesson in Lean

PEX Advisory Board's newest members Mohamed Saleh and Connie Flores join Seth Adler to discuss Hartford Healthcare's values in leadership communication and change management. Mohamed says: "We've recognized that to improve patient experience, it requires to improve employee experience as well. And that requires the organization to feel respected and trusted."

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Patient Experience for Veterans Current Attendee Snapshot

Justify your attendance by getting a sneak peak at the current attendee snapshot for Patient Experience for Veterans.

VA Strategy & Budget Analysis

Bridging Patient & Customer Experience at Veterans Affairs (VA)

How focusing on OIT upgrades and Veterans Experience Office Funding will enhance the Veteran's experience.If there is a lingering question in the customer experience world, it is “does it really matter?” The answer is almost always yes, but it can be hard to make the case for customer-centricity in super-impersonal,...

Your Roadmap to Patient Experience for Veterans Excellence

Charting the course towards PX excellenceWe invite you to use this roadmap as your operating model towards PX excellence. It builds upon the Patient Experience for Veterans Domains, providing an adaptable approach based on five key action-oriented stages. Start and maintain the dialogue about patient experience. Follow suit by taking...

The VA’s Top 11 Areas of Improvement

On May 31, 2019, the VA released an updated version of their FY 2018 - 2024 Strategic Plan. In this document, they outlined 11 priorities and areas of focus. The following is a summary of the 11 key areas of improvement outlined in the strategic plan along with updates, recent...