Bridging Patient & Customer Experience at Veterans Affairs (VA)

Bridging Patient & Customer Experience at Veterans Affairs (VA)

How focusing on OIT upgrades and Veterans Experience Office Funding will enhance the Veteran's experience.

If there is a lingering question in the customer experience world, it is “does it really matter?” The answer is almost always yes, but it can be hard to make the case for customer-centricity in super-impersonal, transactional environments like manufacturing supplies.

With patient experience, the ramifications are obvious. Veteran’s lives are on the line. The quality of the experience directly impacts customer “choice” when it comes to smaller-scale providers, dentists, post-acute care, senior-living facilities, etc.

Customers may not have a “choice” in major medical/emergency situations, but the experience could determine the viability of collecting payment, as well as the patient’s likelihood to schedule follow-ups with the surgeon or recommend the hospital to others who do have a choice. Because of these factors, customer experience and patient experience, right down to the metrics in which success is measured, are increasingly similar disciplines.

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