Network Modernization Sponsorship Opportunities

IDGA's Network Modernization Summit will bring together top leaders from the U.S. Military spectrum to discuss evolving technologies and program initiatives to create a streamlined, more efficient, and higher capacity network. The event will take a deep dive into the expansion of the network modernization road map and will provide sponsors with the unique opportunity to gain valuable insight and network with the most active stakeholders in the industry responsible for current and future programs.

Are you a vendor or solution provider in the space? Contact us at or fill out the form below to see how you can get involved!


  • Streamline your efforts by gaining access to most active stakeholders responsible for network modernization development and initiatives
  • Position your value and brand ahead of competitors in the marketplace through persistent brand recognition and reinforcement
  • Strategically network with our high-level speaker faulty and VIP guests
  • Take advantage of an intimate atmosphere to discuss your value proposition through a thought leadership presentation
  • Align your objectives and build your own sponsorship package in order to maximize your company's exposure



  • Naval Network Warfare Command
  • CIO G6
  • Air Force Network Integration Center
  • ATEC
  • SMDC
  • Marine Corps Systems Command
  • U.S. Fleet Cyber Command (10th Fleet)
  • SAF CIO A6
  • and more!

Job Titles:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Deputy Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Director, Network Operations
  • Technical Director
  • Director of Systems Integration
  • Operations Director
  • Director of Mission Support
  • Director of Resource Management
  • Director of Cyberspace Operations
  • Deputy Project Manager
  • Division Chief
  • Chief Engineer
  • Lead Engineer
  • and more!