Defense 2020: Predictions and New Technologies

Defense 2020: Predictions and New Technologies

Similar to many other sectors, the lead up to 2020 will be shaped by increasing digitization. From increasing risk of peer conflict to the rise of urban warfare, and increasing great power competition, the defense sector faces many challenges that must be approached responsibly. Indeed, government, industry and the military must collaborate to deliver meaningful change to ensure that overmatch is maintained in all areas, over potential adversaries.

Defence iQ asked industry stakeholders and thoughts leaders about the upcoming trends, developments to look out for and bold predictions. From worsening relations with Russia to the anti-drone conundrum, and even the applicability of neuroscience in the context of defense. 

Sections include:

  • Great Power Rivalry: Key Missile and Hypersonic Missile Trends
  • Increasing Usage of Augmented Reality and Simulated Training
  • Modernization of the US Armed Forces
  • Artificial Intelligence and Behavior Mapping
  • Advancements in Anti-Drone Technology

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