Rick Neudorff NEMAA NEMEA

COVID Operational Industry Coordinator U.S. Department of Homeland Security

• Work with FEMA to support critical infrastructure restoration, supply chain resilience and critical business continuity in COVID response environment • Partner with CISA Regions to identify key supply chain partnerships and help develop analytic requirements to support supply chain resilience • Organize regular industry outreach, working with NRMC Planning and Coordination Division, to identify critical needs as well as opportunities for innovative public-private solutions • Serve as regular liaison with ESF-14 and COVID CAT on industry issues

Digital Day 1

Monday, December 7th, 2020

14:30 Ensuring Delivery of Critical DHS Services & Mission Sets in a COVID Environment

The proliferation of the COVID-19 threat has been widespread not only across the US, but one affecting nations on a global scale. Delivering efficient defense needs in a constrained environment has created numerous challenges across the DoD, DHS, and the defense industry.

  • Delivering key defense needs in a COVID-19 environment
  • Ensuring readiness in a time of uncertainty
  • Lessons learned for future potential disruptions

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