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Homeland Security Week 2020 Agenda

Within the current operating environment, we have been quickly reminded about two of the most important tenants of effective Homeland Defense: Readiness and Agility. The COVID-19 ecosystem has elevated the needs to remain ready and agile to meet any emerging threat that potentially could a ...

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Homeland Security Week 2020 Sponsorship Prospectus

The 15th Annual Homeland Security Week (HSW) will gather homeland security stakeholders and industry providers alike to take a deep dive into current challenges and future requirements necessary for numerous government agencies, all directly or indirectly responsible for U.S. homeland security, to facilitate a complex, joint, multi-layered plan that will combat the...


Global Homeland Security Surveillance Camera Market 2017-2021

The sample report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global homeland security surveillance camera market for 2017-2021. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the retail sales of haircare products to individual consumers and salons.

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COVID-19 National Security Concerns and How to Address Them

National security relies on a variety of forces to remain intact. A capable defense force is the most obvious need, but modern economies also require stable access to essential supplies and vital resources in order to function. However, the coronavirus threatens to sever many of the lifelines that we’ve come...

Challenges And Technological Threats To Homeland Security: 2020

In advance of our Homeland Security Week, we have delved into some of the most prominent threats to Homeland Security to assess the consequences posed by technological pressures such as:Cyber-attacksMalicious information operationsWeaponized dronesNetwork hi-jacking and more  to give you keen insight into the biggest challenges facing Homeland Security in the...

2019 Critical Facets of Homeland Security Volume 4

The latest technological changes, as well as the socio-political environment, both at home and abroad, contribute to the difficulty of the task of ensuring homeland security. In advance of our 14th Annual Homeland Security Week, we’ve made it our mission to inform you of the latest innovations to help you...

DHS 2020 Budget Breakdown: Where is the $49.7 billion in funding going?

On March 18, 2019, DHS released its (FY) 2020 Budget request to Congress. In it, they outlined their plan to invest nearly $51.7 billion in the solutions, strategies and resources necessary to combat terrorism, defend our nations borders, facilitate safe trade and more in 2020. Since then, the 2020 DHS...