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Counter UAS Summer 2021 Agenda

Adversarial UAS and sUAS represent an ever-evolving, low cost, high reward asset for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and lethal attacks on U.S. personnel, assets, infrastructure and interests. These small threats have abruptly upended traditional considerations for planning across the ...

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Counter UAS - Solutions Provider Guide

Be the first to secure exclusive sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for Counter UAS 2021. After surveying our network, we found that 89% of military and government decision makers are seeking key insights, the latest developments and emerging technologies. IDGA's customized packages deliver multi-pronged, digital strategies that will help you engage with...

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Taking back the sky: Counter UAS

Commercially available unmanned aircraft systems are becoming concerns for the defense, intelligence, and commercial worlds. Improper drone flights, misses, and crashes all threaten our security and have the potential to do serious damage. Read more about the importance of taking back the skies and how to protect our security.

The $330 Million Problem: Countering Drones in the Middle East

First-hand account from Colonel Amine Elkai on how the growing use of commercial and military spec drones by non-state actors on the Middle East’s battlefield is changing the nature of warfare.

Europe’s Drone Conundrum: Identifying and Confronting the Emerging Threat of UASs

Our editorial team asked European drone experts from a broad range of industries to provide their insight on the increasing use of commercial drones and the issues this generates. In this infographic, find out why:60% of respondents see the growing use of commercial drones as a potential threat.75% of respondents...

Reports & Whitepapers

Drones in the National Airspace: A Growing Challenge

Safely integrating unmanned aerial systems into U.S. skies is a big challenge for the FAA. As the number of drones continues to rise, that challenge will only grow.

Counter UAS Global Outlook Report

In advance of our Counter UAS Summer Summit, we’ve made it our mission to keep you informed on the latest innovations in Counter UAS technologies, budgets, procurement policies and more to help you keep your eye on the big picture view of the current state of Counter UAS systems. Take...

Past Presentations

Comprehensive Defense against the Emerging Drone Threat

Evan Hunt, Director, of High Energy Lasers & C-UAS at Raytheon recently presented his thoughts on on: Comprehensive Defense against the Emerging Drone Threat Topics covered include:- Raytheon HEL efforts to support counter drone operations- Necessary net steps to enabled continued counter-drone dominance- Partnership efforts across the Military  

HPM & HEL: The Power of Directed Energy and CUAS

Randy Robinson from BlackSage presented his thoughts on HPM & EHL: the Power of Directed Energy and Counter UAS Topics Covered include: - Historical development - System integration - Strategic advantages

Intelligent Drone Airspace Security: Preventing the Bad, Enabling the Good

Luke Fox, CEO of WhiteFox recently presented at IDGA's Counter UAS Summit on Intelligent Drone Airspace Security. Topics covered included: - Real time Threat Assessment- Escalation of Force- Mitigation without Mitigating 

Considerations in Sensor Technologies

Tom Driscoll, CTO & Co-Founder, Echodyne recently presented at the Counter UAS Summit on Considerations in Sensor Technologies. Topics included: - Examining the current range of drones and related technologies- Describing expected changes that will make airspace situational awareness more challenging - Reviewing real sensor data to learn how it...

Lessons Learned from C-UAS Deployments

Timothy Bean, CEO, Fortem Technologies, Jim Housinger, CUAS Program Manager, Fortem Technologies and Former Navy Captain & Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Air Defense Commander Jon Gruen, Exec Chairman, Fortem Technologies spoke on what Lessons they have learned from C-UAS Deployments

Counter-Drone Solutions and Concepts for Control and Continuity in Sensitive Scenarios

Terry DiVittorio, General Manager, North America, D-Fend Solutions spoke recently at IDGA's Counter UAS Summit about Counter-Drone Solutions and Concepts for Control and Continuity in Sensitive Scenarios. Topics covered included: - Control: Controlling the drone threat and ensuring continuity- Safety: A safety centric approach for safe airspace and continuity- Focus:...

sUAS Threat Intelligence – Emerging Tradecraft for Joint CUAS Operations

Mike Monnik, Chief Technology Officer, Dronesec presented their thoughts on sUAS Threat Intelligence – Emerging Tradecraft for Joint CUAS Operations at the Counter UAS Summit this past August. Topics Covered Include: - Combining multi-source, drag-net, OSINT and CUAS datasets as intelligence- Forming sUAS threat actor glossary, tactics, techniques and procedures...

The Challenge of Avoiding Collateral Damage when Dealing with C-UAV in Populated Environments

Tamara Miller, Regional Sales Manager, NSO SHIELD recently gave a information packed presentation on the Challenge of Avoiding Collateral Damage when Dealing with C-UAV in Populated Environments. Topics covered included: - Detect – Continues monitoring of perimeter- Identify – Friend or foe drone for seamless operation- Control – Take over...

Taking Control of the Drone Threat in Today's Sensitive and Challenging Environments

Join our speakers Terry Vittorio, General Manager, North America, and Jeffrey Starr, Chief Marketing Officer, D-Fend Solutions as they cover the following in their session: Taking Control of the Drone Threat in Today's Sensitive and Challenging Environments:Findings and Implications from the IDGA c-sUAS SurveyIDGA C-sUAS / Counter-Drone Market Survey Report...

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CUAS: Attendee Action Report – An insight into Counter UAS

CUAS: Attendee Action Report – An insight into Counter UAS. This report provides an in-depth peer driven viewpoint on latest in C-UAS innovations and technologies needed to create a substantive change across Counter-UAS on a global scale.Gain insights on: Largest priority areas to advance Greatest applicability for AI in CUAS ops...

Interview with Zachary Kallenborn

IDGA recently sat down with Zachary Kallenbornm Unmanned Systems (swarms)m CBRN Warfare and Terrorism Analyst, as he discussed drone swarms and the proliferation of non-aerial drones.  

The Current & Future State of the DoD's Counter UAS Strategy

In this in-depth report we take a look at the technologies shaping DoD's near-, mid- and far-term counter sUAS approach. DOWNLOAD to learn more about:The anti-drone tools and solutions the US military is currently leveraging such as electronic weapons, jammers and radar systemsThe groundbreaking solutions that are currently in development...

Demand for Counter UAS Solutions is Widespread

Malicious drones pose significant risks to public safety and infrastructure. After a series of high-profile drone attacks this year, many organizations are realizing they need protection from drones. In this report, we talk about how and why the following industries are investing millions in counter-drone solutions: Stadiums & High-Profile EventsPentagon...

Global Counter-UAS Market and Technology Forecast 2019 to 2028

In advance of our Counter UAS Summit, we have worked closely alongside our Partners Market Forecast in our mission to inform you of the latest innovations technologies, budgets, and policies related to C-UAS.  Download this report today to find out more:• C-UAV Market Trends and Insights• Top 5 Major Findings•...