Mainstreaming Simulation as an Integral Part of your Workflow

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12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

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Simulation has evolved. For many years, Simulation was a complex tool built for use only by dedicated analysis experts. Now it’s becoming a mainstream engineering tool. Advances in modeling, computing speed, and GUIs have enabled this technology to be applied by a much wider audience.

And the latest advances in the field are even more exciting: we are beginning to see "real-time" simulation tools that can assess each incremental change in a design – providing instant feedback for mission critical parts throughout the design process.

Please join us for this free webinar with Autodesk expert John Twerdok to learn more about the latest advances in Simulation, and how Autodesk solutions can help you make Simulation an integral part of your workflow.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How simulation can quickly validate the engineering principles and extend the life of your designs
  • How to reduce the time, cost, & prototype builds for testing your designs
  • The latest advances in upfront simulation tools that can be applied at the conceptual phase of your project
  • Best practices for streamlining modeling and simulation into your workflow

John Twerdok Sr. Product Line Manager for Digital Simulation Autodesk