Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies for Government Agencies and Contractors

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A strong sustainability strategy is helping manufacturers, government agencies and contractors meet growing regulatory requirements, while delivering results more quickly and efficiently than ever before. In this webcast, learn how Autodesk customers are deploying design technology to make their products, systems and processes more cost effective and sustainable. Practical examples will be presented along with the technology to explain both the business benefits and the solutions that make those benefits possible.

In this hour-long webcast, you will hear from Sarah Krasley, Product Manager, Sustainability, Autodesk, as she discusses how design technology can augment the sustainability strategies of manufacturers, and recounts specific customer stories that help illustrate these concepts.

In this lively presentation, you’ll learn about:

  • Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and market expectations for sustainably designed products
  • Cost pressures driving the need to understand material selection integrated with product design as a basis for competitive advantage
  • Volatile energy prices forcing an organization-wide effort to reduce energy consumption for end products and on the manufacturing floor
  • Increasing focus on sustainable manufacturing practices, reducing energy footprint, avoiding substances of concern and reducing process waste
Sarah Krasley Product Manager - Sustainability Autodesk