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Dr. John Bard of Space Coast Communication Systems Talks Software Radio in the Military

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Software Defined Radio has become an ever-increasing hot topic within the military community. The growing importance of the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) has put great focus on the ability for a platform that is flexible and able to be modified extensively; and the release of the JTRS APIs in April 2007 has given the SDR community worldwide much to work with in terms of what’s next for the commercially-developed secure network for the Armed Forces.

The need for a secure, wireless communications platform has proven to be difficult for those in the industry. The Department of Defense (DoD) is searching for an open source architecture that connects those warfighters on the ground with the Global Information Grid (GIG). Given the magnitude of costs associated with the research, development and fielding of the radios the DoD has taken great steps to maintain accurate tracking of issued funds and contracts.

The final product of the JTRS will include different variants of radio, which will permit warfighters at all levels of command to interact. Whether it be an airborne platform to a soldier with a pack, the JTRS will re-define the ability of commanders and those in the fight interact and communicate in a global network.

Dr. John Bard, who once chaired the Technical Committee of the Software Defined Radio Forum, speaks to what’s next in the SDR world and how much has matured in recent time in development.

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