Dear Mrs./Mr., To simplify, I was limit

Dear Mrs./Mr., To simplify, I was limited to complementary colors, but the idea that for every color there is a biochemical component may be established biomarkers that reveal the state of energy imbalance, which can be corrected by chromo proper technique, along to correct acid-base imbalance. The idea is at least very good to deserve to be checked experimentally, which I can not do alone, and requires your help a form of collaboration. Sincerely yours, Dr. Viorel Bungau I want to prove that in photosynthesis, light absorption and its storage form of carbohydrates, are selected, the colors, as in cellular energy metabolism, absorption of energy by the degradation of carbohydrates, is also done selectively, based on complementary colors. In connection with my research proposal, to prove that the final biological oxidation, in addition to an oxidation-reduction process takes place and a photo-chemical process, the first in the electron transfer, the second in the energy transfer. Please review the possibility of involvement in this project, and prove that the final biological oxidation, beside reducing-oxidation process, takes place and a photo-chemical process based on complementary colors. It should be noted that in my view, the final biological oxidation, represents a reverse process of photosynthesis. If photosynthesis is a process of reducing carbon oxide(CO2) and hydrogen oxide(H2O), by increasing electronegativity of C and H atoms, with the electrons back to oxygen, which will be released in the mitochondria is a process of oxidation of atoms C and H, derived from carbohydrates, with energy release and absorption of its selection (the color), by the structures involved, which is the nature of porphyrins, are photosensitive and colorful. It means that matter and energy in the universe are found in a relationship based on complementary colors, each color of energy, corresponding with a certain chemical structure. ARTICLE : CHROMOTHERAPY AND THE IMPLICATIONS IN THE METABOLISM OF THE NORMAL AND NEOPLASIC CELL "e;Green chlorophyll and red hemoglobin, the main difference between the two pigments of life, is proof of a common origin of the two kingdoms"e;.HEILMEYER. In my opinion, at the basis of malign transformation is a disturbance of energetical metabolism, which reached a level that cell can not correct (after having succeeded before, many times), disturbance that affects the whole body in different degrees and requires corection from outside starting from the ideea that the final biological oxidizing takes place through photochemical process with releasing and receieving energy. The final biological oxidation is achieved through a process of oxidation-reduction, while a photochemical process, based on the principle of complementary colors, if we accept as coenzymes involved, containing a metal atom gives them a certain color, depending on the state of oxidation or reduction (red ferment of Warburg with copper, all copper cerloplasmin blue, green chlorophyll magnesium, red iron hemoglobin,etc. I SUGGEST TO YOU AN EXPERIMENT: CULTURE OF NEOPLASTIC TISSUE IN A GREEN CONTAINER OR IN A COLOURLESS CONTAINER, IRRADIATED WITH MONOCHROMATIC GREEN LIGHT, IN AN ALKALINE MEDIUM, WILL IN REGRESSION OF THE TISSUE CULTURE; CULTURE OF NEOPLASTIC TISSUE IN A RED CONTAINER, OR SINGLE IRRADIATED WITH RED LIGHT, IN AN ACID MEDIUM, WILL LEAD TO EXAGERATED AND ANARCHICAL MULTIPLICATION. If satisfied, the final biological oxidation is achieved by a photochemical mechanism (besides the oxidation-reduction), that energy is released based on complementary colors, means that we can control the final biological oxidation mechanism, irreversibly disrupted in cancer, by chromotherapie and correction of acid-base imbalance that underlies this disorder.We reached this conclusions studying the final biological oxidation, for understanding the biochemical mechanism of aerobic glycolysis in cancer. We found that cancer cell, energy metabolism is almost exclusively on hydrogen by oxidative dehydrogenation, due to excessive acidosis , coenzymes which makes carbon oxidation, as dormant (these coenzymes have become inactive). If we accept the nature of these coenzymes chloride (see Warburg ferment red), could be rectivate, by correcting acidosis (because that became leucoderivat), and by chromoterapie, on the basis of complementary colors. According to the principle electronegativity metals, under certain conditions the acid-base imbalance (acidosis), iron will replace copper in combination , cytocromoxidase became inactive (it contains two copper atoms) leading to changing oxidation-reduction potential, BUT THE COLOR, FROM BLUE-GREEN TO REED, to block the final biological oxidation and the appearance of aerobic glycolysis. In conclusion, malignant transformation occurs by energy metabolism imbalance in power generation purposes in the predominantly (exclusively) of the hydrogen atom of carbon oxidation is impossible. Thus at the cellular level will produce a multiplication (growth) exaggerated (exclusive), energy from hydrogen favoring growth, multiplication, at the expense of differentiation (maturation). Differentiation is achieved by energy obtained by oxidation of the carbon atom can not take, leading to carcinogenesis . The energy metabolism of the cell, an energy source is carbohydrate degradation, which is done by OXIDATIVE DEHYDROGENATION AND OXIDATIVE DECARBOXYLATION , to obtain energy and CO2 and H2O. In normal cells there is a balance between the two energy sources. If cancer cells, oxidation of the carbon atom is not possible, the cell being forced to summarize the only energy source available, of hydrogen. This disorder underlying malignant transformation of cells and affect the whole body, in various degrees, often managing to rebalance process, until at some point it becomes irreversible. The exclusive production of hydrogen energy will cause excessive multiplication, of immature cells, without functional differentiation. Exclusive carbon energy production will lead to hyperdifferentiation, hyperfunctional, multiplication is impossible. Normal cell is between two extremes, between some limits depending on the adjustment factors of homeostasis. Energy from energy metabolism is vital for cell (body). If the energy comes predominantly (or exclusively) by oxidation of the hydrogen atom, green energy, will occur at the structural level (biochemical), acidification of the cellular structures that will turn red, so WE HAVE MORPHOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL STRUCTURES "e;RED"e;, WITH "e;GREEN"e; ENERGY. This background predisposes to accelerated growth, without differentiation, reaching up uncontrolled, anarchical. ENERGY STRUCTURE OF THE CELL BODY WOULD BE INN. If necessary energy cell derived mainly by oxidation of the carbon atom, red energy,cell structures will be colored green, will be alkaline(basic), so WE HAVE MORPHOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL STRUCTURES "e;GREEN"e;, WITH "e;RED"e; ENERGY, on the same principle of complementarity. This context will lead hyperdifferentiation, hyperfunctional ,maturation, and grouth stops. ENERGY STRUCTURE OF THE CELL BODY WOULD BE YANG. If in photosynthesis, porphyrins chemicals group, whic be photosensitivity (their first feature), shows and a great affinity for metals with chelate forming and becoming colored (pigments of life), can absorb monochromatic light complementary, so if these pigments, which constitutes the group of chromoprotheine, in photosynthesis will achieve CO2 and H2O reduction the recovery of C, H respectively, and the issuance of and release of O, atoms as H and C that reduced the energy load, representing carbohydrates, is in the form of solar energy storage, in cellular energy metabolism, processes necessary life, energy will come from the degradation of substances produced in photosynthesis, the carbohydrates, by oxidative dehydrogenation and oxidative decarboxylation, through like substances, which form chelates with the metals, are colored, metals contained in the form of oxides of various colors(green Mg, red Fe, blue Cu,etc.),suffering from complementary color absorption process of reduction with H in case,if the oxidative dehydrogenation, when chelated metal pigment is red, becoming leucoderivat (colorless) by absorbing complementary color (green) of hydrogen, formation of H2O, or C, if the oxidative decarboxylation when chelated metallic pigment is green, energy absorbing additional, red energy of atom C, CO2 production, the process is identical. The process that lies at base cellular energy metabolism, takes place in the final biological oxidation, reducing the O atom in the form of metal oxide, in combination with photosensitive substance, porohyrin, colorful,absorbing complementary color, will reduce the O atom, with H and C, with the production of H2O and CO2. Green energy release of H atom in the oxidative dehydrogenation process, it is a process of"e;IRADIATION MONOCHROMATIC ENDOGENOUS WITH GREEN"e;, and red energy release of C atom in the oxidative decarboxylation process, consists in an "e;IRADIATION MONOCHROMATIV ENDOGENOUS WITH RED"e;. Porphyrin-metal combination in photosynthesis, the chelated form, by absorbing light in the visible spectrum, will be able to reduce to low and turn, C and H respectively, the state of oxide (CO2 and H2O),release of O. The final biological oxidation, the combination of metal-porphyrins in aerobically in the absence of light, will find in the oxidized state, so in the form of porphyrins and metal-oxide, will oxidize to C and H atom of hydrocarbonates, with formation of CO2 and H2O, or rather, will be reduced by C and H atom of hydrocarbonates,formation of CO2 and H2O, by absorbing energy produced by photosynthesis. If we can control the final biological oxidation, we can control cellular growth, thus multiplying, and on the other hand, maturation, so differentiation. The names as green energy (tourquoise) and somatic red (corail) and vice versa, are generic for relevance, there is the additional energy in different proportions. Green energy(tourquoise) will prevail if the cell (body) which multiplies (during growth), will in case of adult cell (functional) will prevail red energy (corail). I put on a scientific basis (biochemical and biophysics) chromotherapy, and light therapy generally through tie the two types of energy, that obtained by oxidative dehydrogenation (tourquoise), which will cause cell multiplication without differentiation , and that obtained by oxidative decarboxylation (corail), which will be to stop proliferation, and will determine the differentiation (maturity, functionality). This process is carried out based on complementary colors, which are coenzymes oxidative dehydrogenation and oxidative decarboxylation is colored . It reveals the importance of acid-base balance, the predominance of the acidic or basic, as an acid structure (red), not only can gain energy from the carbon atom red (the principle of complementarity), but can not assimilate ( under the same principle). It must therefore acid-base balance of internal environment, and alkalinization his intake of organic substances by the electron donor. By alkalinization (addition of electrons) will occur neutralize acid structures, the red, they become leucoderivat, colorless, and inactive, while the basic, which because of acidosis became neutral, colorless and inactive, will be alkaline in electron contribution, will be in green, and will absorb red energy from the carbon atom. So, on two kinds of vital energy, it is clear correlation between the chemical structure of the cell(body),and type of energy that can produce and use. Thus a cell with acidic chemical structure, can produce only energy by oxidative dehydrogenation (green energy), because the acid can only be active coenzymes with acid chemical structure, red, will absorb the complementarity only green energy of hydrogen. Basic structures which should absorb red energy from carbon , are inactive due to acid environment, which in turn chemically in leucoderivat, so colorless structures, inactive. Conversion of these structures to normal, operation by alkalinization could be a long lasting process, therefore, we use parallel chromotherapy, based on the fact that these COENZYMES INVOLVED IN BIOLOGICAL OXIDATION FINALS ARE COLORED AND PHOTOSENSITIVE. Thus, exogenous irradiation with monochromatic green will neutralize, by complementarity, coenzymes red, acidic. In will reactivate alkaline coenzymes, which have become due acidosis leucoderivat, so colorless and inactive. (Lack of equipment, that determines the alkaline reserve -HCO3-, PCO2, pH, rH, X-ray energy if it were possible, spectroscopy- and lack of team, cooperation are necessary for completing this proiect). Without producing CO2, carbonic anhydrase can not form H2CO3, severable and thus transferred through mitochondrial membrane. Will accumulate in the respiratory Flavin, OH groups, leading to excessive hydroxylation, followed by consecutive inclusion of amino (NH2). It is thus an imbalance between the hydrogenation-carboxylation and hydroxylation-amination, in favor of the latter.This will predominate AMINATION and HYDROXYLATION at the expense CARBOXYLATION and HYDROGENATION, leading to CONVERSION OF STRUCTURAL PROTEINS IN NUCLEIC ACIDS. Meanwhile, after chemical criteria not genetic, it synthesizes the remaining unoxidized carbon atoms, nucleic bases "e;de novo"e; by the same process of hydroxylation-amination, leading to THE SYNTHESIS OF NUCLEIC ACIDS "e;DE NOVO"e;. With best wishes, Sincerely yours, Dr Viorel Bungau With your agreement I will come back with clarifications. Please help me solve for this project can not solve alone. Thank you, Yours sincerely, name: Viorel Bungau Street Address: Libertatii 22 city: Cristian Brasov state: Romania email: telephone:0040 0268257002 Basically I want to experiment demonstrate that an energy metabolism disorder that could be corrected after several times by means of maintaining acdo-base balance within normal limits, has become irreversible by depleting these resources. Acid-base balance and its adjustment mechanisms underlying this disorder.Basically it involves two comparative cell culture, an acidic (lactic acid), which will grow excessively, and the other in basic medium (URALYT+ THAM), which will not grow at all. To be more eloquent in acidic cell culture should be irradiated with monochromatic red light, in this way the structures performed oxidative decarboxylation, green (base), by absorbing the complementary color (red), will become colorless (leucoderivat) and inactive. At the same time will become hyperactive those achieved oxidative dehydrogenation (red and acid), which is responsible for the accelerated growth of cell culture, immature undifferentiated forms, dysfunctional, anarchic. Cell culture in basic medium, exogenous irradiated with monochromatic green light by neutralizing dehydrogenases (which is red, will become leucoderivat and unworkable, absorbing parts complementary color)while activating decarboxylases ,green, base, so this basic culture medium and irradiated with green light, will not grow at all, will tend to differentiate sharp and will perish. If I have a device that makes SPECTROPHOTOGRAPHY a segment of the body or whole body, I could see it this way : 1.-color image Spectrphotography will prevail in, say RED, hyperactivity structures will require a red, acid does not absorb red, leaving it to pass through body tissues examined. That means Irradiation Endogenous Hyperactivity Monochromatic Green. It will be corrected by Exogenous Chromotherapy Monochromatic Irradiation with Green, which will become leucoderivat (colorless) and inactive and in parallel by Alkalinization Internal Environment with Electron Donors and Traps H +, thus neutralizing the acidic chemical structure of these structures . 2.-if the image will prevail SPECTROPHOTOGRAPHY green, that means Monochromatic Hyperactivity Endogenous IRRADIATION WITH RED, resists these structures will absorb the red light beam so that the red color will not find in the image SPECTROPHOTOGRAPHY. It will correct the CHROMOTHERAPY Exogenous Monochromatic Irradiation with red. Also, acid-base balance correction by acidifying the internal environment. 3.-establishing acid-base imbalance and its correction. Also setting the standard proportions of the colors in the image SPECTROPHOTOGRAPHY, by examining a number of normal subjects and necessary equipment. Also CHROMOTHERAPY appliances. Waiting for your suggestions. Regards and best wishes, Dr. Viorel Bungau Drawn from this theory interdependent relationship between between water and fire, of hydrogen and carbon ,in a controlled relationship with oxygen (air). Indeed, water quenched the fire, as fire is to drain the water, so that antagonistic relationship between these elements, which seems at first sight is one of interdependence for proper development of cellular metabolic processes. The balance between these two elements is maintained by strict control mechanisms. The strain, these mechanisms are exhausted, and imbalances occur that can not be controlled, favoring carcinogenesis. Excess water will extinguish fire , even all, drowning cellular structures, reducing cell function in a primordial form. Sincerely yours and best wishes, Viorel Bungau