More than Fingerprints: Biometrics for National Security

IDGA Editor

For Immediate Release

Chris Archer

More than Fingerprints: Biometrics for National Security

New York, New York March 21, 2012 –- The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) announces the Biometrics & Identity Management Exhibition & Conference - information at

A recent update to a landmark biometrics report suggests "new goals that might previously seemed beyond reasonable hope" are now potentially achievable, which could lead to substantive new applications in security and defense.

The rapid advancement in biometrics was made possible by increased interoperability between various federal agency systems, according to James Loudermilk, Senior Level Technologist in the FBI Science and Technology Branch.

"The advent of practical DNA collection and analysis while-you-wait is on the near-term horizon for military, some immigration, and other applications," says Mr. Loudermilk, "and highly reliable face recognition systems for access control and other applications are likely over the next 5 to 10 years."

IDGA has developed a unique two-day conference program and technology exhibition that will educate you on the advancements in biometric technologies and the tactical implementation of this technology.

Biometrics & Identity Management Exhibition & Conferencewill cover the recent changes and lessons learned from all areas of military, government and industry.

Highlights include:

  • Free Exhibition & Presentation Theater: Engage with the leading technology providers and the agencies that have applied biometrics in the field to gain tactical advantage and better identify and track individuals of interest
  • Featured FBI keynote panel moderated by James Loudermilk
  • Practical application of biometric tracking covering facial recognition, digital fingerprinting, Iris recognition and more…

Much more to be announced in the coming months. Visit the website at www.bioidentityexpo.comto register for the free exhibition, or to be involved, contact Chris Archer on 646-378-6097 or