Fire Suppression Systems for Military Wheeled Vehicles

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Mr. Victor LaSala will discuss the latest breakthrough in fire suppression systems, featuring Cold Fire Tactical, a newly developed solution, presented by ADSI, that not only extinguishes the flames but also removes the heat of the fire. When applied, Cold Fire Tactical renders the previously flame-engulfed object cool to the touch immediately. Mr. LaSala will be joined by [name to be inserted] of Firefreeze Worldwide, Inc., designers of the water-based solution.

Together, they will discuss the remarkable aspects of this revolutionary system and potential delivery systems focusing on military wheeled vehicles. Cold Fire Tactical extinguishes fire threat in virtually any situation including:V

  • Class A fires on wood, tires, brush and forest, structures, textile and more
  • Class B fires involving vehicles, oil, gasoline, diesel and alcohol.
  • Class D fires with metals such as magnesium, aluminum and titanium.
Victor La Sala Vice President of Research and Development ADSI